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ACT ONE: We set sail on the sale of flesh On the tail of the fishing nets On the curl Crushing waves I won't stray from this path I chose Headway is made this day We won't flinch nor underplay These ropes That bind The life that's worth less than skin On the tail of the fishing nets Could we pray? I'll put that to sea I would pray if there were a deity You can't sink us. ACT TWO: Sea cops and black ops When's enough enough? Where is sanity when legality is a formality? When the green has gone? Observe, conserve and preserve the deserved Fight hypocrisy It's a black day when the flack flag has a black heart Renounced as piracy ACT THREE: SAIL ON
Dawn of the swarm Dawn of a time Dawn of the first born, first in line Avenge the creator This killer of queens and underhanded genocide Dawn of a pact Drawn up at dusk Drawn upon lifeless rotting husks (Das) oath of the hive The dark colony, black the heart's that dwell in us. The sky grows black We can't turn back You can't rescind this spell that's cast Upon killing fields Genetic build - a man-made blanket pesticide Black is the sky Black is the day Black is the collapse and decay A vision foretold We're bought and sold - The profit margin beckoning Hell of the hives Colony dies Red flag David Hackenberg tried Collapse foreseen This killing of Queens, this underhanded genocide From the cattle Slain by man A new age rising Once again We are the bridge From this world Unto the next Hail Aristaeus There's a man inside the wizard Who is blind because his visions Are intense enough to blacken The very sight his mother birthed him And he sits beside his potions That he values with his being And he runs his fingers onto them As he waits upon the call That he knows one day will burden His anchored tarried lifestyle So he waves away all corners That may alter his direction To deliver as a prophet From the works dark directions To destroy an opposition That can't foresee their destruction Which they brought upon their children Through the embrace of the notion That what's perfect could be greater And what's dazzling should be brighter So he'll act upon his calling And he'll reap their bloody vengeance Upon the man folk, they deserve it Then he hears a distant buzzing So wipes the dust from on him As his visions grow more distant And he reaches for his potions Screaming "Vengeance reign on thee"


released June 29, 2015


all rights reserved





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